kitty +icat <image-file-or-url-or-directory>

A cat like utility to display images in the terminal




--align <ALIGN>Horizontal alignment for the displayed image
--place <PLACE>Choose where on the screen to display the image
--scale-upImages that are smaller than the specified area to be scaled up to use as much of the specified area as possible
--background <COLOR>Specify a background color, this will cause transparent images to be composited on top of the specified color
--mirror <AXIS>Mirror the image about a horizontal or vertical axis or both
--clearRemove all images currently displayed on the screen
--transfer-mode <TRANSFER_MODE>Which mechanism to use to transfer images to the terminal
--detect-supportDetect support for image display in the terminal
--detection-timeout <TIMEOUT>How long to wait for detection to complete before aborting
--print-window-sizePrint the current terminal window size in pixels
--stdinRead an image from stdin