keytool -importcert

Imports a certificate or a certificate chain


-h, -?, --help, -helpShow help message
-vVerbose output
-alias <alias>Alias name of the entry to process
-keystore <keystore>Keystore name
-storepass <arg>Keystore password
-storetype <type>Keystore type
-providername <name>Provider name
-addprovider <name>Add security provider by name (e.g. SunPKCS11)
-providerclass <class>Add security provider by fully-qualified class name
-providerarg <arg>Configure argument for -addprovider or -providerclass
-providerpath <list>Provider classpath
-protectedPassword through protected mechanism
-nopromptDo not prompt
-trustcacertsTrust certificates from cacerts
-file <file>Output file name
-keypass <arg>Key password
-cacertsAccess the cacerts keystore