just [command...]

Just a command runner




--help,-hPrint help information
--changelogPrint the changelog
--checkRun --fmt in 'check' mode
--chooseSelect one or more recipes to run using another program
--chooser <command>Override the binary invoked by --choose
--color <command>Print colorful output
-c,--command <command>Run an arbitrary command with the working directory, .env, overrides, and exports
--completions <command>Print shell completions
--clear-shell-argsClear shell arguments
--dry-runPrint what just would do, without doing it
--dumpPrint justfile
--dotenv-filename <command>Use a file with this name instead of .env
--dotenv-pathLoad the environment file from a path instead of searching for one
--dump-format <command>Specify the format for dumping the justfile
-e,--editEdit the justfile with $VISUAL or $EDITOR, falling back to vim
--evaluateEvaluate and print all variables
--fmtFormat and overwrite the justfile
--highlightHighlight echoed recipe lines in bold
--initInitialize a new justfile
-f,--justfile <command>Use a specific justfile
-l,--listList available recipes and their arguments
--list-heading <command>Print this text before the list
--list-prefix <command>Print this text before each list item
--no-dotenvDon't load the environment file
--no-highlightDon't highlight echoed recipe lines
-q,--quietSuppress all output
--set <command> <command>Override a variable with a value
--shell <command>Invoke this shell to run recipes
--shell-arg <command>Invoke the shell with this as an argument
--shell-commandInvoke --command with the shell used to run recipe lines and backticks
-s,--show <command>Show information about a recipe
--summaryList names of available recipes
-u,--unsortedReturn list and summary entries in source order
--unstableEnable unstable features
--variablesList names of variables
-v,--verboseUse verbose output
-V,--versionPrint version information
-d,--working-directory <command>Use this as the working directory