Manage your Java environment


commandsList all available JEnv commands
helpParses and displays help contents from a command's source file
infoShow information about which command will be executed
addAdd JDK into jenv. A alias name will be generated by parsing "java -version"
enable-pluginActivate a jEnv plugin
disable-pluginDeactivate a jEnv plugin
doctorRun jEnv diagnostics
execRuns an executable by first preparing PATH so that the selected Java version's `bin' directory is at the front
globalSets the global Java version
global-optionsSets the global Java options
localSets the local application-specific Java version by writing the version name to a file named `.java-version'
local-optionsSets the local application-specific Java options
shellSets a shell-specific Java version by setting the `JENV_VERSION'
shell-optionsSets the shell-specific Java options
hooksList hook scripts for a given jenv command
initConfigure the shell environment for jenv
javahomeDisplay path to selected JAVA_HOME
macos-javahomeInstalls a file located at ~/Library/LaunchAgents/jenv-environment.plist . It sets JAVA_HOME for GUI applications on startup for the **currently active version of Java**
optionsShow the current Java options
options-fileDetect the file that sets the current jenv jvm options
options-file-readRead options from file
options-file-writeWrite options to a file
prefixDisplays the directory where a Java version is installed
refresh-pluginsRefresh plugins links
refresh-versionsRefresh alias names
rehashRehash jenv shims (run this after installing executables)
removeRemove JDK installations
rootDisplay the root directory where versions and shims are kept
shimsList existing jenv shims
versionShows the currently selected Java version and how it was selected
versionsLists all Java versions found in `$JENV_ROOT/versions/*'
whenceList all Java versions that contain the given executable
whichDisplays the full path to the executable that jenv will invoke when you run the given command


--help, -hShow help for jEnv
--versionShow version for jEnv