id [user]

The id utility displays the user and group names and numeric IDs, of the calling process, to the standard output. If the real and effective IDs are different, both are displayed, otherwise only the real ID is displayed. If a user (login name or user ID) is specified, the user and group IDs of that user are displayed. In this case, the real and effective IDs are assumed to be the same




-ADisplay the process audit user ID and other process audit properties, which requires privilege
-FDisplay the full name of the user
-GDisplay the different group IDs (effective, real and supplementary) as white-space separated numbers, in no particular order
-MDisplay the MAC label of the current process
-PDisplay the id as a password file entry
-gDisplay the effective group ID as a number
-nDisplay the name of the user or group ID for the -G, -g and -u options instead of the number. If any of the ID numbers cannot be mapped into names the number will be displayed as usual
-pMake the output human-readable
-uDisplay the effective user ID as a number