Makes it easy to create and manage your Heroku apps directly from the terminal


auth:2fa, 2fa, twofactorCheck 2fa status
auth:2fa:disable, twofactor:disable, 2fa:disableDisables 2fa on account
auth:login, loginLogin with your Heroku credentials
auth:logout, logoutClears local login credentials and invalidates API session
auth:tokenOutputs current CLI authentication token
auth:whoami, whoamiDisplay the current logged in user
labs:disableDisables an experimental feature
buildpacksDisplay the buildpacks for an app
buildpacks:addAdd new app buildpack, inserting into list of buildpacks if necessary
buildpacks:clearClear all buildpacks set on the app
buildpacks:infoFetch info about a buildpack
buildpacks:removeRemove a buildpack set on the app
buildpacks:searchSearch for buildpacks
buildpacks:versionsList versions of a buildpack
ci:configDisplay CI config vars
ci:config:getGet a CI config var
ci:config:setSet CI config vars
ci:config:unsetUnset CI config vars
ci:debugOpens an interactive test debugging session with the contents of the current directory
ci:migrate-manifestApp-ci.json is deprecated. Run this command to migrate to app.json with an environments key
ci:openOpen the Dashboard version of Heroku CI
domainsList domains for an app
domains:addAdd a domain to an app
domains:clearRemove all domains from an app
domains:infoShow detailed information for a domain on an app
domains:removeRemove a domain from an app
domains:updateUpdate a domain to use a different SSL certificate on an app
domains:waitWait for domain to be active for an app
appsList your apps
apps:createCreates a new app
apps:destroyPermanently destroy an app
apps:errorsView app errors
apps:favoritesList favorited apps
apps:favorites:addFavorites an app
apps:favorites:removeUnfavorites an app
apps:infoShow detailed app information
apps:openOpen the app in a web browser
apps:renameRename an app
apps:stacksShow the list of available stacks
apps:stacks:setSet the stack of an app
config:setSet one or more config vars
drainsDisplay the log drains of an app
drains:getDisplay the log drain for a space
drains:setReplaces the log drain for a space
drains:addAdds a log drain to an app
drains:removeRemoves a log drain from an app
dyno:killStop app dyno
dyno:resizeManage dyno sizes
dyno:restartRestart app dynos
dyno:scaleScale dyno quantity up or down
dyno:stopStop app dyno
featuresList available app features
features:disableDisables an app feature
features:enableEnables an app feature
features:infoDisplay information about a feature
keysDisplay your SSH keys
keys:addAdd an SSH key for a user
keys:clearRemove all SSH keys for current user
keys:removeRemove an SSH key from the user
labsList experimental features
labs:enableEnables an experimental feature
labs:infoShow feature info
maintenanceDisplay the current maintenance status of app
maintenance:offTake the app out of maintenance mode
maintenance:onPut the app into maintenance mode
notificationsDisplay notifications
psList dynos for an app
ps:killStop app dyno
ps:resizeManage dyno sizes
ps:restartRestart app dynos
ps:scaleScale dyno quantity up or down
ps:stopStop app dyno
ps:typeManage dyno sizes
releasesDisplay the releases for an app
releases:infoView detailed information for a release
releases:outputView the release command output
releases:rollbackRollback to a previous release
autocompleteDisplay autocomplete installation instructions
configDisplay the config vars for an app
config:editInteractively edit config vars
config:getDisplay a single config value for an app
config:unset, config:removeUnset one or more config vars
local, local:startRun heroku app locally
local:runRun a one-off command
local:versionDisplay node-foreman version
ciDisplay the most recent CI runs for the given pipeline
ci:infoShow the status of a specific test run
ci:lastLooks for the most recent run and returns the output of that run
ci:rerunRerun tests against current directory
ci:runRun tests against current directory
certsList SSL certificates for an app
certs:addAdd an SSL certificate to an app
certs:autoShow ACM status for an app
certs:auto:disableDisable ACM for an app
certs:auto:enableEnable ACM status for an app
certs:auto:refreshRefresh ACM for an app
certs:chainPrint an ordered & complete chain for a certificate
certs:generateGenerate a key and a CSR or self-signed certificate
certs:infoShow certificate information for an SSL certificate
certs:keyPrint the correct key for the given certificate
certs:removeRemove an SSL certificate from an app
certs:updateUpdate an SSL certificate on an app
git:cloneClones a heroku app to your local machine at DIRECTORY (defaults to app name)
git:remoteAdds a git remote to an app repo
addonsLists your add-ons and attachments
addons:attachAttach an existing add-on resource to an app
addons:createCreate a new add-on resource
addons:destroyPermanently destroy an add-on resource
addons:detachDetach an existing add-on resource from an app
addons:docsOpen an add-on's Dev Center documentation in your browser
addons:downgradeChange add-on plan
addons:infoShow detailed add-on resource and attachment information
addons:openOpen an add-on's dashboard in your browser
addons:plansList all available plans for an add-on services
addons:renameRename an add-on
addons:servicesList all available add-on services
addons:upgradeChange add-on plan
addons:waitShow provisioning status of the add-ons on the app
authorizationsList OAuth authorizations
authorizations:createCreate a new OAuth authorization
authorizations:infoShow an existing OAuth authorization
authorizations:revoke, authorizations:destroyRevoke OAuth authorization
authorizations:rotateUpdates an OAuth authorization token
authorizations:updateUpdates an OAuth authorization
clientsList your OAuth clients
clients:createCreate a new OAuth client
clients:destroyDelete client by ID
clients:infoShow details of an oauth client
clients:rotateRotate OAuth client secret
clients:updateUpdate OAuth client
sessionsList your OAuth sessions
sessions:destroyDelete (logout) OAuth session by ID
redisGets information about redis
redis:cliOpens a redis prompt
redis:credentialsDisplay credentials information
redis:infoGets information about redis
redis:keyspace-notificationsSet the keyspace notifications configuration
redis:maintenanceManage maintenance windows
redis:maxmemorySet the key eviction policy
redis:promoteSets DATABASE as your REDIS_URL
redis:stats-resetReset all stats covered by RESETSTAT (https://redis.io/commands/config-resetstat)
redis:timeoutSet the number of seconds to wait before killing idle connections
redis:waitWait for Redis instance to be available
containerUse containers to build and deploy Heroku apps
container:loginLog in to Heroku Container Registry
container:logoutLog out from Heroku Container Registry
container:pullPulls an image from an app's process type
container:pushBuilds, then pushes Docker images to deploy your Heroku app
container:releaseReleases previously pushed Docker images to your Heroku app
container:rmRemove the process type from your app
container:runBuilds, then runs the docker image locally
logsDisplay recent log output
runRun a one-off process inside a heroku dyno
run:detachedRun a detached dyno, where output is sent to your logs
outbound-rules:addAdd outbound rules to a Private Space
outbound-rulesList Outbound Rules for a space
outbound-rules:removeRemove a Rules from the list of Outbound Rules
statusDisplay current status of the Heroku platform
pipelinesList pipelines you have access to
pipelines:addAdd this app to a pipeline
pipelines:connectConnect a github repo to an existing pipeline
pipelines:createCreate a new pipeline
pipelines:destroyDestroy a pipeline
pipelines:diffCompares the latest release of this app to its downstream app(s)
pipelines:infoShow list of apps in a pipeline
pipelines:openOpen a pipeline in dashboard
pipelines:promotePromote the latest release of this app to its downstream app(s)
pipelines:removeRemove this app from its pipeline
pipelines:renameRename a pipeline
pipelines:setupBootstrap a new pipeline with common settings and create a production and staging app (requires a fully formed app.json in the repo)
pipelines:transferTransfer ownership of a pipeline
pipelines:updateUpdate the app's stage in a pipeline
reviewapps:disableDisable review apps and/or settings on an existing pipeline
reviewapps:enableEnable review apps and/or settings on an existing pipeline
spacesList available spaces
spaces:createCreate a new space
spaces:destroyDestroy a space
spaces:infoShow info about a space
spaces:peering:infoDisplay the information necessary to initiate a peering connection
spaces:peeringsList peering connections for a space
spaces:peerings:acceptAccepts a pending peering request for a private space
spaces:peerings:destroyDestroys an active peering connection in a private space
spaces:psList dynos for a space
spaces:renameRenames a space
spaces:topologyShow space topology
spaces:transferTransfer a space to another team
spaces:vpn:configDisplay the configuration information for VPN
spaces:vpn:connectCreate VPN
spaces:vpn:connectionsList the VPN Connections for a space
spaces:vpn:destroyDestroys VPN in a private space
spaces:vpn:infoDisplay the information for VPN
spaces:vpn:updateUpdate VPN
spaces:vpn:waitWait for VPN Connection to be created
spaces:waitWait for a space to be created
trusted-ipsList trusted IP ranges for a space
trusted-ips:addAdd one range to the list of trusted IP ranges
trusted-ips:removeRemove a range from the list of trusted IP ranges
ps:copyCopy a file from a dyno to the local filesystem
ps:execCreate an SSH session to a dyno
ps:forwardForward traffic on a local port to a dyno
ps:socksLaunch a SOCKS proxy into a dyno
accessList who has access to an app
access:addAdd new users to your app
access:removeRemove users from a team app
access:updateUpdate existing collaborators on an team app
apps:joinAdd yourself to a team app
apps:leaveRemove yourself from a team app
apps:lockPrevent team members from joining an app
apps:transferTransfer applications to another user or team
apps:unlockUnlock an app so any team member can join
joinAdd yourself to a team app
leaveRemove yourself from a team app
lockPrevent team members from joining an app
membersList members of a team
members:addAdds a user to a team
members:removeRemoves a user from a team
members:setSets a members role in a team
orgsList the teams that you are a member of
orgs:openOpen the team interface in a browser window
teamsList the teams that you are a member of
unlockUnlock an app so any team member can join
ps:autoscale:disableDisable web dyno autoscaling
ps:autoscale:enableEnable web dyno autoscaling
ps:waitWait for all dynos to be running latest version after a release
regionsList available regions for deployment
webhooksList webhooks on an app
webhooks:addAdd a webhook to an app
webhooks:deliveriesList webhook deliveries on an app
webhooks:deliveries:infoInfo for a webhook event on an app
webhooks:eventsList webhook events on an app
webhooks:events:infoInfo for a webhook event on an app
webhooks:infoInfo for a webhook on an app
webhooks:removeRemoves a webhook from an app
webhooks:updateUpdates a webhook in an app
commandsList all the commands
helpDisplay help for <%= config.bin %>
whichShow which plugin a command is in
updateUpdate the <%= config.bin %> CLI
pluginsList installed plugins
plugins:install, plugins:addInstalls a plugin into the CLI
plugins:linkLinks a plugin into the CLI for development
plugins:uninstall, plugins:unlink, plugins:removeRemoves a plugin from the CLI
plugins:updateUpdate installed plugins
pgShow database information
pg:backupsList database backups
pg:backups:cancelCancel an in-progress backup or restore (default newest)
pg:backups:captureCapture a new backup
pg:backups:deleteDelete a backup
pg:backups:downloadDownloads database backup
pg:backups:infoGet information about a specific backup
pg:backups:restoreRestore a backup (default latest) to a database
pg:backups:scheduleSchedule daily backups for given database
pg:backups:schedulesList backup schedule
pg:backups:unscheduleStop daily backups
pg:backups:urlGet secret but publicly accessible URL of a backup
pg:bloatShow table and index bloat in your database ordered by most wasteful
pg:blockingDisplay queries holding locks other queries are waiting to be released
pg:connection-pooling:attachAdd an attachment to a database using connection pooling
pg:copyCopy all data from source db to target
pg:credentialsShow information on credentials in the database
pg:credentials:createCreate credential within database
pg:credentials:destroyDestroy credential within database
pg:credentials:repair-defaultRepair the permissions of the default credential within database
pg:credentials:rotateRotate the database credentials
pg:credentials:urlShow information on a database credential
pg:diagnoseRun or view diagnostics report
pg:infoShow database information
pg:killKill a query
pg:killallTerminates all connections for all credentials
pg:linksLists all databases and information on link
pg:links:createCreate a link between data stores
pg:links:destroyDestroys a link between data stores
pg:locksDisplay queries with active locks
pg:maintenanceShow current maintenance information
pg:maintenance:runStart maintenance
pg:maintenance:windowSet weekly maintenance window
pg:outliersShow 10 queries that have longest execution time in aggregate
pg:promoteSets DATABASE as your DATABASE_URL
pg:psView active queries with execution time
pg:psqlOpen a psql shell to the database
pg:pullPull Heroku database into local or remote database
pg:pushPush local or remote into Heroku database
pg:resetDelete all data in DATABASE
pg:settingsShow your current database settings
pg:settings:log-lock-waitsControls whether a log message is produced when a session waits longer than the deadlock_timeout to acquire a lock. deadlock_timeout is set to 1 second
pg:settings:log-min-duration-statementThe duration of each completed statement will be logged if the statement completes after the time specified by VALUE
pg:settings:log-statementLog_statement controls which SQL statements are logged
pg:unfollowStop a replica from following and make it a writeable database
pg:upgradeUnfollow a database and upgrade it to the latest stable PostgreSQL version
pg:vacuum-statsShow dead rows and whether an automatic vacuum is expected to be triggered
pg:waitBlocks until database is available
psqlOpen a psql shell to the database
addons:addCreate a new add-on resource
addons:removePermanently destroy an add-on resource
createCreates a new app
destroyPermanently destroy an app
apps:deletePermanently destroy an app
listList your apps
apps:listList your apps
infoShow detailed app information
openOpen the app in a web browser
renameRename an app
stackShow the list of available stacks
stack:setSet the stack of an app
config:addSet one or more config vars
dashboardDisplay information about favorite apps
restartRestart app dynos
scaleScale dyno quantity up or down
stopStop app dyno
killStop app dyno
resizeManage dyno sizes
dyno:typeManage dyno sizes
rollbackRollback to a previous release
auth:disableDisables an experimental feature
certs:waitWaits for the certificate to be activated
git:credentialsInternal command for git-credentials
join:nullAdd yourself to a team app
leave:nullRemove yourself from a team app
unlock:nullUnlock an app so any team member can join
pg:backups:public-urlGet secret but publicly accessible URL of a backup
pg:backups:publicurlGet secret but publicly accessible URL of a backup
pg:repointChanges which leader a follower is following
pg:settings:log-connectionsControls whether a log message is produced when a login attempt is made. Default is true
pg:vacuum_statsShow dead rows and whether an automatic vacuum is expected to be triggered
pipelines:disableDisable review apps and/or settings on an existing pipeline
pipelines:enableEnable review apps and/or settings on an existing pipeline
ps:disableDisable web dyno autoscaling
ps:enableEnable web dyno autoscaling
ps:regionsList available regions for deployment
run:insideRun a one-off process inside an existing heroku dyno
spaces:hostsList dedicated hosts for a space