hasura console

Open the console to manage the database and try out APIs


--address [string]Address to serve console and migration API from
--api-port [string]Port for serving migrate api
--browser <string>Open console in a specific browser
--console-port [string]Port for serving console
--insecure-skip-tls-verifySkip TLS verification and disable cert checking
--no-browserDo not automatically open console in browser
--static-dir <string>Directory where static assets mentioned in the console html template can be served from
--use-server-assetsWhen rendering console, use assets provided by HGE server
--admin-secret <string>Admin secret for Hasura GraphQL engine
--certificate-authority <string>Path to a cert file for the certificate authority
--endpoint <string>Http(s) endpoint for Hasura GraphQL engine (env `HASURA_GRAPHQL_ENDPOINT`)
--insecure-skip-tls-verifySkip TLS verification and disable cert checking
--envfile <string>.env filename to load ENV vars from
-h, --helpHelp for hasura
--log-level <string>Log level
--no-colorDo not colorize output
--project <string>Directory where commands are executed
--skip-update-checkSkip automatic update check on command execution