Ethereum development environment


accountsPrints the list of accounts
checkCheck whatever you need
cleanClears the cache and deletes all artifacts
compileCompiles the entire project, building all artifacts
consoleOpens a hardhat console
flattenFlattens and prints contracts and their dependencies
helpPrints this message
nodeStarts a JSON-RPC server on top of Hardhat Network
runRuns a user-defined script after compiling the project
testRuns mocha tests


configA Hardhat config file
--emojiUse emoji in messages
--max-memoryThe maximum amount of memory that Hardhat can use
--help [task]Shows the help text or task's help if name is provided
--networkThe network to connect to
---show-stack-tracesShow stack traces
--verboseEnables Hardhat verbose logging
--versionShows hardhat's version