googler [command...]

Google from the command-line


commandSearch keywords


-h,--helpShow this help message and exit
-s,--start <command>Start at the Nth result
-n,--count <command>Show N results
-N,--newsShow results from news section
-V,--videosShow results from videos section
-c,--tld <command>Country-specific search with top-level domain .TLD, e.g., 'in' for India
-l,--lang <command>Display in language
-g,--geoloc <command>Country-specific geolocation search with country code CC, e.g. 'in' for India
-x,--exactDisable automatic spelling correction
--colorize <command>Whether to colorize output which enables color when stdout is a tty device
-C,--nocolorEquivalent to --colorize=never
--colors <command...>Set output colors
-j,--first,--luckyOpen the first result in web browser and exit
-t,--time <command>Time limit search [h5 (5 hrs), d5 (5 days), w5 (5 weeks), m5 (5 months), y5 (5 years)
--from <command>Starting date/month/year of date range. Can be used in conjunction with --to and overrides -t, --time
--to <command>Ending date/month/year of date range
-w,--site <command>Search a site using Google
-e,--excludeExclude site from results
--unfilterDo not omit similar results
-p,--proxy <command>Tunnel traffic through an HTTP proxy
--notweakDisable TCP optimizations and forced TLS 1.2
--jsonOutput in JSON format; implies --noprompt
--url-handler <command>Custom script or cli utility to open results
--show-browser-logsDo not suppress browser output (stdout and stderr)
--np,--nopromptSearch and exit, do not prompt
-4,--ipv4Only connect over IPv4 (by default, IPv4 is preferred but IPv6 is used as a fallback)
-6,--ipv6Only connect over IPv6
-u,--upgradePerform in-place self-upgrade
--include-gitWhen used with --upgrade, get latest git master
-v,--versionShow program's version number and exit
-d,--debugEnable debugging