git-cliff <range>

A highly customizable changelog generator ⛰️


rangeSets the commit range to process


--verbose, -vIncreases the logging verbosity
--init, -iWrites the default configuration file to cliff.toml
--latest, -lProcesses the commits starting from the latest tag
--currentProcesses the commits that belong to the current tag
--unreleased, -uProcesses the commits that do not belong to a tag
--date-orderSorts the tags chronologically
--contextPrints changelog context as JSON
--help, -hPrints help information
--version, -VPrints version information
--config, -c <path>Sets the configuration file
--workdir, -w <path>Sets the working directory
--repository, -r <path>Sets the git repository
--include-path <pattern...>Sets the path to include related commits
--exclude-path <pattern...>Sets the path to exclude related commits
--with-commit <msg...>Sets custom commit messages to include in the changelog
--prepend, -p <path>Prepends entries to the given changelog file
--output, -o <path>Writes output to the given file
--tag, -t <tag>Sets the tag for the latest version
--body, -b <template>Sets the template for the changelog body
--strip, -s <part>Strips the given parts from the changelog
--sort <sort>Sets sorting of the commits inside sections