Fast Ethereum RPC client


forkCacheSizeThe maximum size, in bytes, of the in-memory cache for queries on a chain fork. Defaults to 1_073_741_824 bytes (1 gigabyte)


-a,--accounts <command>Specify the number of accounts to generate at startup
-e,--defaultBalanceEther <command>Amount of ether to assign each test account. Default is 100
-b,--blockTime <command>Specify blockTime in seconds for automatic mining. If you don't specify this flag, ganache will instantly mine a new block for every transaction
-d,--deterministicGenerate deterministic addresses based on a pre-defined mnemonic
-n,--secureLock available accounts by default (good for third party transaction signing)
-m,--mnemonicUse a bip39 mnemonic phrase for generating a PRNG seed, which is in turn used for hierarchical deterministic (HD) account generation
-p,--port <command>Port number to listen on. Defaults to 8545
-h,--host <command>Hostname to listen on. Defaults to (defaults to for Docker instances of ganache-cli)
-s,--seedUse arbitrary data to generate the HD wallet mnemonic to be used
-g,--gasPrice <command>The price of gas in wei (defaults to 20000000000)
-l,--gasLimit <command>The block gas limit (defaults to 0x6691b7)
--callGasLimit <command>Sets the transaction gas limit for eth_call and eth_estimateGas calls
-k,--hardfork <command>Allows users to specify which hardfork should be used
-f,--fork <command>Fork from another currently running Ethereum client at a given block. Input should be the HTTP location and port of the other client
-i,--networkId <command>Specify the network id ganache-cli will use to identify itself (defaults to the current time or the network id of the forked blockchain if configured)
--chainId <command>Specify the Chain ID ganache-cli will use for eth_chainId RPC and the CHAINID opcode
--db <command>Specify a path to a directory to save the chain database. If a database already exists, ganache-cli will initialize that chain instead of creating a new one
--debugOutput VM opcodes for debugging
--memOutput ganache-cli memory usage statistics. This replaces normal output
-q,--quietRun ganache-cli without any logs
-?,--helpDisplay help information
--versionDisplay the version of ganache-cli
--account_keys_path,--acctKeys <command>Specifies a file to save accounts and private keys to, for testing
--noVMErrorsOnRPCResponseDo not transmit transaction failures as RPC errors
--allowUnlimitedContractSizeAllows unlimited contract sizes while debugging
--keepAliveTimeout <command>Sets the HTTP server's keepAliveTimeout in milliseconds
-t,--time <command>Date (ISO 8601) that the first block should start
--account <command...>Specify any number of times passing arbitrary private keys and their associated balances to generate initial addresses
-u,--unlock <command...>Specify any number of times passing either an address or an account index to unlock specific accounts