A general-purpose command-line fuzzy finder


-x, --extendedEnables extended-search mode
+x, --no-extendedDisables extended-search mode
-e, --exactEnables Exact-match
--algo <type>Fuzzy matching algorithm
-iCase-insensitive match (default: smart-case match)
+iCase-sensitive match (default: smart-case match)
--literalDo not normalize latin script letters before matching
-n, --nth <index expressions>Comma-separated list of field index expressions for limiting search scope
--with-nth <index expressions>Transform the presentation of each line using field index expressions
-d, --delimiter <STR>Field delimiter regex (default: AWK-style)
+s, --no-sortDo not sort the result
--tacReverse the order of the input
--disabledDo not perform search
--tiebreak <criteria>Comma-separated list of sort criteria to apply when the scores are tied
-m, --multi [MAX]Enable multi-select with tab/shift-tab
--no-mouseDisable mouse
--bind <keybinds>Custom key bindings. Refer to the man page
--cycleEnable cyclic scroll
--keep-rightKeep the right end of the line visible on overflow
--no-hscrollDisable horizontal scroll
--hscroll-off <columns>Number of screen columns to keep to the right of the highlighted substring
--filepath-wordMake word-wise movements respect path separators
--jump-labels <characters>Label characters for jump and jump-accept
--height <height>Display fzf window below the cursor with the given height instead of using fullscreen
--min-height <height>Minimum height when --height is given in percent
--layout <layout>Choose layout
--border [style]Draw border around the finder
--margin <margin>Screen margin (TRBL | TB,RL | T,RL,B | T,R,B,L)
--padding <padding>Padding inside border (TRBL | TB,RL | T,RL,B | T,R,B,L)
--info <style>Finder info style
--prompt <string>Input prompt
--pointer <string>Pointer to the current line
--marker <string>Multi-select marker
--header <string>String to print as header
--header-lines <number>The first N lines of the input are treated as header
--ansiEnable processing of ANSI color codes
--tabstop <spaces>Number of spaces for a tab character
--color <color scheme>Base scheme
--no-boldDo not use bold text
--history <file>History file
--history-size <number>Maximum number of history entries
--preview <command>Command to preview highlighted line ({})
--preview-window <options...>Preview window layout
-q, --query <string>Start the finder with the given query
-1, --select-1Automatically select the only match
-0, --exit-0Exit immediately when there's no match
-f, --filter <string>Filter mode. Do not start interactive finder
--print-queryPrint query as the first line
--expect <keys>Comma-separated list of keys to complete fzf
--read0Read input delimited by ASCII NUL characters
--print0Print output delimited by ASCII NUL characters
--syncSynchronous search for multi-staged filtering
--versionDisplay version information and exit