Fast Node Manager


installInstall a new Node.js version
uninstallUninstall a Node.js version
useChange Node.js version
execRun a command within fnm context
currentPrint the current Node.js version
list, lsList all locally installed Node.js versions
list-remote, ls-remoteList all remote Node.js versions
aliasAlias a version to a common name
unaliasDeletes the alias named <name>
completionsPrint shell completions to stdout
defaultSet a version as the default version. This is a shorthand for 'fnm alias VERSION default'
envPrint and set up required environment variables for fnm
helpPrints the help page or the help of the given subcommand(s)


--help, -hPrints help information
--version, -VPrints version information
--arch <arch>Override the architecture of the installed Node binary. Defaults to arch of fnm binary
--fnm-dir <dir>The root directory of fnm installations
--log-level <logLevel>The log level of fnm commands
--node-dist-mirror <nodeDistMirror>Mirror of https://nodejs.org/dist
--version-file-strategy <strategy>Strategy for how to resolve the Node version