fisher install

Install plugin


IlanCosman/tide@v5[Prompt] - 🌊 The ultimate Fish prompt
pure-fish/pure[Prompt] - Pretty, minimal, and fast prompt for Fish from Zsh
jorgebucaran/hydro[Prompt] - Minimal, lag-free prompt with async Git status
jethrokuan/z[Plugin] - Pure-fish z directory jumping
PatrickF1/[Plugin] - Augment your fish command line with fzf key bindings
jorgebucaran/[Plugin] - Node.js version manager lovingly made for Fish
franciscolourenco/done[Plugin] - A fish-shell package to automatically receive notifications when long processes finish
jorgebucaran/[Plugin] - Run Bash commands replaying changes in Fish. 🍤
jorgebucaran/[Plugin] - Visualize a range of numbers right in your terminal
joseluisq/gitnow@2.10.0[Plugin] - Speed up your Git workflow. 🐠