firefox <URL>

Free open-source web browser developer by Mozilla


URLURL to open


--display <display>Specify an X display to use
--syncMake X calls synchronous
--g-fatal-warningsMake all warnings fatal
-h, --helpPrint help message and exit
-v, --versionPrint version information and exit
--full-versionPrint full version information and exit
-P <profile>Specify profile to use
--profile <profile>Specify profile to use by folder
--migrationStart with migration wizard
--ProfileManagerStart with ProfileManager
--no-remoteDo not accept or send remote commands; implies --new-instance
--new-instanceOpen new instance, not a new window in running instance
--safe-modeDisables extensions and themes for this session
--allow-downgradeAllows downgrading a profile
--MOZ_LOG <modules>Treated as MOZ_LOG=<modules> environment variable, overrides it
--MOZ_LOG_FILE <file>Treated as MOZ_LOG_FILE=<file> environment variable, overrides it. If MOZ_LOG_FILE is not specified as an argument or as an environment variable, logging will be written to stdout
--headlessRun without a GUI
--jsdebugger [folder]Open the Browser Toolbox. Defaults to the local build but can be overridden by a firefox path
--wait-for-jsdebuggerSpin event loop until JS debugger connects; enables debugging (some) application startup code paths
--start-debugger-server <port or path>Start the devtools server on a TCP port or Unix domain socket path
--browserOpen a browser window
--new-window <URL>
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--new-tab <URL>
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--private-window <URL>
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--preferencesOpen the preferences dialog
--screenshot [folder]Take a screenshot
--window-size <width> [height]Size of your screenshot
--search <term>Search for a term in your default search engine
--setDefaultBrowserSet Firefox as the default browser
--first-startupRun post-install actions before opening a new window
--kioskStart the browser in kiosk mode
--disable-pinchDisable touch-screen and touch-pad pinch gestures
--jsconsoleOpen the Browser Console
--devtoolsOpen DevTools on initial load
--marionetteEnable remote debugging server
--remote-debugging-port [port]Start the Firefox Remote Agent, which is a low-level remote debugging interface used for WebDriver
--allow-remote-hosts <hosts>Values of the Host header to allow for incoming requests
--allow-remote-origins <origins>Values of the Origin header to allow for incoming requests