Docksal command line utility


helpShows help
addonAddons management commands: install, remove (fin help addon)
aliasManage aliases that allow fin @alias execution (fin help alias). Create/update alias with <alias_name> that links to <path>
dbManage databases (fin help db)
hostsHosts file commands: add, remove, list (fin help hosts)
projectManage project(s) (fin help project)
ssh-keyManage SSH keys (fin help ssh-key)
systemManage Docksal state (fin help system)
vmManage Docksal VM (fin help vm)
bashOpen shell into service's container. Defaults to cli
configShow or change configuration (fin help config)
execExecute a command or a script in cli
exec-urlDownload script from URL and run it on host (URL should be public)
initInitialize a project (override it with your own automation, see fin help init)
imageImage management commands: registry, save, load (fin help image)
logsShow service logs (e.g., Apache logs, MySQL logs) and Unison logs (fin help logs)
run-cli, rcRun a command in a standalone cli container in the current directory (fin help run-cli)
shareCreate temporary public url for current project using ngrok
share-v2Create a temporary public URL for the project using Cloudflare Tunnel
vhostsList all virtual *.docksal hosts registered in Docksal proxy
docker, dRun Docker commands directly
docker-compose, dcRun Docker Compose commands directly
docker-machine, dmRun Docker Machine commands directly
composerRun Composer commands
drushDrush command (requires Drupal)
drupalDrupal Console command (requires Drupal 8)'s CLI (requires docksal/cli 2.3+)
terminusPantheon's Terminus (requires docksal/cli 2.1+)
wpWordPress CLI command (requires WordPress)
cleanupRemove all unused Docker images, unused Docksal volumes and containers
diagnoseShow diagnostic information for troubleshooting and bug reporting
sysinfoShow system information
updateUpdate Docksal
version, --version, v, -vPrint fin version. [v, -v] prints short version