Top level cli commands


appInteract with the desktop app
hookHook commands
debugDebug Fig
settingsCustomize appearance & behavior
tipsEnable/disable fig tips
installInstall fig cli components
sshEnable/disable fig SSH integration
uninstallUninstall fig
updateUpdate dotfiles
daemonRun the daemon
diagnostic, diagnosticsRun diagnostic tests
initGenerate the dotfiles for the given shell
sourceSync your latest dotfiles
themeGet or set theme
inviteInvite friends to Fig
tweetTweet about Fig
issueCreate a new Github issue
loginLogin to Fig
logoutLogout of Fig
userManage your fig user
teamManage your fig team
doctorCheck Fig is properly configured
completionGenerate the completion spec for Fig
internal, _Internal subcommands used for Fig
launchLaunch the Fig desktop app
quitQuit the Fig desktop app
restartRestart the Fig desktop app
onboardingRun the Fig tutorial
pluginsManage your shell plugins with Fig
manOpen manual page
run, rFig Workflows
integrations, integrationManage system integrations
aiEnglish -> Bash translation
telemetryEnable/disable telemetry
proFig Pro
help-all, --help-allPrint help for all subcommands
dashboardOpen the fig dashboard
app:running(LEGACY) Old hook that was being used somewhere
bg:ssh(LEGACY) Old ssh hook that might be in ~/.ssh/config
bg:tmux(LEGACY) Old tmux hook that might be in ~/.tmux.conf
helpPrint this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)


-h, --helpPrint help information
-V, --versionPrint version information