Fastlane is an open source platform aimed at simplifying Android and iOS deployment


initHelps you with your initial fastlane setup
actionShows more information for a specific command
actionsLists all available fastlane actions
add_pluginAdd a new plugin to your fastlane setup
docsGenerate a markdown based documentation based on the Fastfile
enable_auto_completeEnable tab auto completion
envPrint your fastlane environment, use this when you submit an issue on GitHub
helpDisplay global or [command] help documentation
install_pluginsInstall all plugins for this project
lanesLists all available lanes and shows their description
listLists all available lanes without description
new_actionCreate a new custom action for fastlane
new_pluginCreate a new plugin that can be used with fastlane
runRun a fastlane one-off action without a full lane
search_pluginsSearch for plugins, search query is optional
socket_serverStarts local socket server and enables only a single local connection
triggerRun a specific lane. Pass the lane name and optionally the platform first
update_fastlaneUpdate fastlane to the latest release
update_pluginsUpdate all plugin dependencies


--platform <platform>
  • Persistent ⚖
-h, --help
  • Persistent ⚖
-v, --versionShow version information for fastlane
  • Persistent ⚖
--capture_outputCaptures the output of the current run, and generates a markdown issue template
--troubleshootEnables extended verbose mode. Use with caution, as this even includes ALL sensitive data. Cannot be used on CI
--envAdd environment(s) to use with `dotenv`