exa <files......>

A modern replacement for ls




-?, --helpShow list of command-line options
-v, --versionShow version of exa
-1, --onelineDisplay one entry per line
-l, --longDisplay extended file metadata as a table
-G, --gridDisplay entries as a grid (default)
-x, --acrossSort the grid across, rather than downwards
-R, --recurseRecurse into directories
-T, --treeRecurse into directories as a tree
-F, --classifyDisplay type indicator by file names
--colour, --color <when>When to use terminal colours (always, auto, never)
--colour-scale, --color-scaleHighlight levels of file sizes distinctly
-a, --allShow hidden and 'dot' files
-d, --list-dirsList directories like regular files
-L, --level <DEPTH>Limit the depth of recursion
-r, --reverseReverse the sort order
-s, --sort <sort field>Which field to sort by
--group-directories-firstList directories before other files
-D, --only-dirsList only directories
-I, --ignore-glob <GLOB>Glob patterns (pipe-separated) of files to ignore
--git-ignoreIgnore files mentioned in '.gitignore'
-b, --binaryList file sizes with binary prefixes
-B, --bytesList file sizes in bytes, without any prefixes
-g, --groupList each file's group
-h, --headerAdd a header row to each column
-H, --linksList each file's number of hard links
-i, --inodeList each file's inode number
-m, --modifiedUse the modified timestamp field
-S, --blocksShow number of file system blocks
-t, --time <FIELD>Which timestamp field to list (modified, accessed, created)
-u, --accessedUse the accessed timestamp field
-U, --createdUse the created timestamp field
--time-style <style>How to format timestamps (default, iso, long-iso, full-iso)
--gitList each file's Git status, if tracked or ignored
-@, --extendedList each file's extended attributes and sizes
--iconsShows icons before each folder or file
--no-iconsDoes not display icons
--changedDisplays when a file or folder got changed instead of modified in the header