eslint <file|dir|glob...>

Pluggable JavaScript linter


file|dir|globFile(s) to lint


--no-eslintrcDisable use of configuration from .eslintrc.*
-c, --config <arg>Use this configuration, overriding .eslintrc.* config options if present
--env <arg>Specify environments
--ext <Extension>Specify JavaScript file extensions
--global <Variables>Define global variables
--parser <arg>Specify the parser to be used
--parser-options <arg>Specify parser options
--resolve-plugins-relative-to <arg>A folder where plugins should be resolved from
--rulesdir <arg>Use additional rules from this directory
--plugin <Plugin>Specify plugins
--rule <arg>Specify rules
--fixAutomatically fix problems
--fix-dry-runAutomatically fix problems without saving the changes to the file system
--fix-type <arg>Specify the types of fixes to apply
--ignore-path <arg>Specify path of ignore file
--no-ignoreDisable use of ignore files and patterns
--ignore-pattern <arg>Pattern of files to ignore (in addition to those in .eslintignore)
--stdinLint code provided on <STDIN>
--stdin-filename <arg>Specify filename to process STDIN as
--quietReport errors only
--max-warnings <arg>Number of warnings to trigger nonzero exit code
-o, --output-file <arg>Specify file to write report to
-f, --format <arg>Use a specific output format
--colorForce enabling of color
--no-colorForce disabling of color
--no-inline-configPrevent comments from changing config or rules
--report-unused-disable-directivesAdds reported errors for unused eslint-disable-directives
--cacheOnly check changed files
--cache-location <arg>Path to the cache file or directory
--cache-strategy <arg>Strategy to use for detecting changed files
--initRun config initialization wizard
--env-infoOutput execution environment information
--no-error-on-unmatched-patternPrevent errors when pattern is unmatched
--debugOutput debugging information
-h, --helpShow help
-v, --versionOutput the version number
--print-config <arg>Print the configuration for the give file