emacs <filepaths>

An extensible, customizable, free/libre text editor — and more




--batchDo not do interactive display; implies -q
--chdirChange to directory
--daemon, --bg-daemonStart a server in the background
--fg-daemonStart a server in the foreground
--versionDisplay Emacs version information and exit
--helpDisplay help and exit
-q, --no-init-fileDo not load an init file
-nl, --no-shared-memoryDo not use shared memory
--no-site-file, -nslDo not load the site-wide startup file
--no-desktopDo not load a saved desktop
-Q, --quickSimilar to "-q --no-site-file --no-splash", Also, avoid processing X resources
--no-splashDo not display a splash screen during start-u
--debug-initEnable Emacs Lisp debugger during the processing of the user init file ~/.emacs. This is useful for debugging problems in the init file
-u, --userLoad user's init file
-t, --terminal <arg>Use specified file as the terminal instead of using stdin/stdout. This must be the first argument specified in the command line
--file, --find-file, --visit <arg>The same as specifying file directly as an argument