elm-review <files or directories to review...>


files or directories to reviewfilepaths, folders


initInitialize Elm Review in this directory
suppressGenerate suppression files for rules that report many errors
new-packageCreates an new project aimed to contain rules and to be published later
new-ruleAdds a new rule to your review configuration or review package


--help, -hShow help for elm-review
--unsuppressInclude suppressed errors in the error report for all rules
--rules <<rule1,rule2,...>...>Run with a subsection of the rules in the configuration. Specify them by their name, and separate them by commas
--watchRe-run elm-review automatically when your project or configuration changes
--watch-codeRe-run elm-review automatically when your project changes
--elmjson <<path-to-elm.json>>Specify the path to the elm.json file of the project
--config <<path-to-review-directory>>Use the review configuration in the specified directory
--template <<author>/<repo>[/path-to-the-config-folder][#branch-or-commit]>Use the review configuration from a GitHub repository
--compiler <<path-to-elm>>Specify the path to the elm compiler
--version, -vPrint the version of the elm-review CLI
--debugAdd helpful information to debug your configuration or rules
--report <json or ndjson>Error reports will be in JSON format
--no-detailsHide the details from error reports for a more compact view
--ignore-dirs <<dir1,dir2,...>...>Ignore the reports of all rules for the specified directories
--ignore-files <<file1,file2,...>...>Ignore the reports of all rules for the specified files
--fixElm Review will present fixes for the errors that offer an automatic fix, which you can then accept or refuse one by one
--fix-allElm Review will present a single fix containing the application of all available automatic fixes, which you can then accept or refuse
--elm-format-path <<path-to-elm-format>>Specify the path to elm-format
--fix-limit <N>Limit the number of fixes applied in a single batch to N
--extractEnable extracting data from the project for the rules that have a data extractor. Requires running with --report=json. Learn more by reading the section about "Extracting information" at https://bit.ly/3UmNr0V
--benchmark-infoPrint out how much time it took for rules and phases of the process to run. This is meant for benchmarking purposes
--no-colorDisable colors in the output