EAS CLI is the command-line app that you will use to interact with EAS services from your terminal


account:login, loginLog in with your Expo account
account:logout, logoutLog out
account:view, whoamiShow the username you are logged in as
analyticsDisplay or change analytics settings
autocompleteDisplay autocomplete installation instructions
branch:createCreate a branch
branch:deleteDelete a branch
branch:listList all branches
branch:renameRename a branch
branch:viewView a branch
buildStart a build
build:cancelCancel a build
build:configureConfigure the project to support EAS build
build:inspectInspect the state of the project at specific build stages, useful for troubleshooting
build:listList all builds for your project
build:submit, submitSubmit app binary to App Store and/or Play Store
build:version:setUpdate version of an app
build:version:syncUpdate a version in native code with a value stored on EAS servers
build:viewView a build for your project
channel:createCreate a channel
channel:editPoint a channel at a new branch
channel:listList all channels
channel:viewView a channel
configDisplay project configuration (app.json + eas.json)
credentialsManage credentials
device:createRegister new Apple devices to use for internal distribution
device:deleteRemove a registered device from your account
device:listList all registered devices for your account
device:viewView a device for your project
diagnosticsDisplay environment info
helpDisplay help for eas-cli
metadata:pullGenerate the local store configuration from the app stores
metadata:pushSync the local store configuration to the app stores
openOpen the project page in a web browser
project:infoInformation about the current project
project:init, initCreate or link an EAS project
secret:createCreate an environment secret on the current project or owner account
secret:deleteDelete an environment secret by ID
secret:listList environment secrets available for your current app
updatePublish an update group
update:configureConfigure the project to support EAS update
update:deleteDelete all the updates in an update group
update:listView the recent updates
update:viewUpdate group details
webhook:createCreate a webhook
webhook:deleteDelete a webhook
webhook:listList webhooks
webhook:updateUpdate a webhook
webhook:viewView a webhook