dust <inputs>

Like du but more intuitive


inputsfilepaths, folders


--help, -hShow help for dust
--version, -VPrint version information
--no-percent-bars, -bNo percent bars or percentages will be displayed
--no-colors, -cNo colors will be printed (Useful for commands like: watch)
--depth, -d <depth>Depth to show
--filter, -e <filter>Only include filepaths matching this regex. For png files type: -e "\.png$"
--filecount, -fDirectory 'size' is number of child files/dirs not disk size
--si, -HPrint sizes in powers of 1000 (e.g., 1.1G)
--ignore_hidden, -iDo not display hidden files
--number-of-lines, -n <number_of_lines>Number of lines of output to show. (Default is terminal_height - 10)
--full-paths, -pSubdirectories will not have their path shortened
--reverse, -rPrint tree upside down (biggest highest)
--apparent-size, -sUse file length instead of blocks
--skip-totalNo total row will be displayed
--file_types, -tShow only these file types
--invert-filter, -v <invert_filter>Exclude filepaths matching this regex. To ignore png files type: -v "\.png$"
--terminal_width, -w <width>Specify width of output overriding the auto detection of terminal width
--limit-filesystem, -xOnly count the files and directories on the same filesystem as the supplied directory
--ignore-directory, -X <ignore_directory>Exclude any file or directory with this name
--min-size, -z <min_size>Minimum size file to include in output