du [files...]

Display disk usage statistics


filesfilepaths, folders


-aDisplay an entry for each file in a file hierarchy
-cDisplay a grand total
-HSymbolic links on the command line are followed, symbolic links in file hierarchies are not followed
-h"Human-readable" output. Use unit suffixes: Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte and Petabyte
-gDisplay block counts in 1073741824-byte (1-Gbyte) blocks
-kDisplay block counts in 1024-byte (1-Kbyte) blocks
-mDisplay block counts in 1048576-byte (1-Mbyte) blocks
-I <mask>Ignore files and directories matching the specified mask
-LSymbolic links on the command line and in file hierarchies are followed
-rGenerate messages about directories that cannot be read, files that cannot be opened, and so on. This is the default case. This option exists solely for conformance with X/Open Portability Guide Issue 4 (``XPG4'')
-PNo symbolic links are followed. This is the default
-d <depth>Display an entry for all files and directories depth directories deep
-sDisplay an entry for each specified file. (Equivalent to -d 0)
-xDisplay an entry for each specified file. (Equivalent to -d 0)