Define and run multi-container applications with Docker


buildBuild or rebuild services
configValidate and view the Compose file
createCreates containers for a service
downStops containers and removes containers, networks, volumes, and images
eventsReceive real time events from containers
execExecute a command in a running container
helpGet help on a command
imagesList images used by the created containers
killForce stop service containers
logsView output from containers
pausePause services
portPrint the public port for a port binding
psList containers
pullPulls images for services defined in a Compose file, but does not start the containers
pushPushes images for services
restartRestart running containers
rmRemoves stopped service containers
runRun a one-off command on a service
scaleSet number of containers to run for a service
startStart existing containers
stopStop running containers without removing them
topDisplay the running processes
unpauseUnpause services
upBuilds, (re)creates, starts, and attaches to containers for a service
versionShow version information and quit


-f,--file <command>Specify an alternate compose file
-p,--project-name <command>Specify an alternate project name
--profile <command>Specify a profile to enable
-c,--context <command>Specify a context name
--verboseShow more output
--log-level <command>Set log level (DEBUG, INFO, WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL)
--ansi <command>Control when to print ANSI control characters
--no-ansiDo not print ANSI control characters (DEPRECATED)
-v,--versionPrint version and exit
-H,--host <command>Daemon socket to connect to
--tlsUse TLS; implied by --tlsverify
--tlscacert <command>Trust certs signed only by this CA
--tlscert <command>Path to TLS certificate file
--tlskey <command>Path to TLS key file
--tlsverifyUse TLS and verify the remote
--skip-hostname-checkDon't check the daemon's hostname against the
--project-directory <command>Specify an alternate working directory
--compatibilityIf set, Compose will attempt to convert keys
--env-file <command>Specify an alternate environment file