Utility script for the Django Web framework


helpUsage and help information for django-admin
changepasswordChange a user's password for django.contrib.auth
createsuperuserUsed to create a superuser
checkChecks the entire Django project for potential problems
compilemessagesCompiles .po files to .mo files for use with builtin gettext support
createcachetableCreates the tables needed to use the SQL cache backend
dbshellRuns the command-line client for specified database, or the default database
diffsettingsDisplays differences between the current and Django's default settings
dumpdataOutput the contents of the database as a fixture of the given format (using each model's default manager unless --all is specified)
flushRemoves ALL DATA from the database, including data added during migrations
inspectdbIntrospects the database tables in the given database and outputs a Django
loaddataInstalls the named fixture(s) in the database
makemessagesRuns over the entire source tree of the current directory and pulls out all strings marked for translation. It creates (or updates) a message file in the conf/locale (in the django tree) or locale (for projects and applications) directory. You must run this command with one of either the --locale, --exclude, or --all options
makemigrationsCreates new migration(s) for apps
migrateUpdates database schema. Manages both apps with migrations and those without
sendtestemailSends a test email to the email addresses specified as arguments
shellRuns a Python interactive interpreter. Tries to use IPython or bpython, if one of them is available. Any standard input is executed as code
showmigrationsShows all available migrations for the current project
sqlflushReturns a list of the SQL statements required to return all tables in the database to the state they were in just after they were installed
sqlmigratePrints the SQL statements for the named migration
sqlsequenceresetPrints the SQL statements for resetting sequences for the given app name(s)
squashmigrationsSquashes an existing set of migrations (from first until specified) into a single new one
startappCreates a Django app directory structure for the given app name in the current directory or optionally in the given directory
startprojectCreates a Django project directory structure for the given project name in the current directory or optionally in the given directory
testDiscover and run tests in the specified modules or the current directory
testserverRuns a development server with data from the given fixture(s)
clearsessionsCan be run as a cronjob or directly to clean out expired sessions (only with the database backend at the moment)
collectstaticCollect static files in a single location
findstaticFinds the absolute paths for the given static file(s)
runserverStarts a lightweight Web server for development and also serves static files