Deta CLI for managing Deta Micros


loginTrigger the login process for the Deta CLI
versionPrint the Deta version
projectsList Deta projects
newCreate a new Deta Micro
deployDeploy new code to a Deta Micro
detailsGet detailed information about a specific Deta micro
watchAuto-deploy locally saved changes in real time to your Deta micro
authChange auth settings for a Deta Micro
pullPull the latest deployed code of a Deta Micro to your local machine
cloneClone a Deta Micro
updateUpdate a Deta Micro's name or environment variables
visorChange the Visor settings for a Deta Micro
runRun a Deta Micro from the CLI
cronChange cron settings for a Deta Micro


-hShow help for deta