CLI for dbt - Data Build Tool


buildRun models, test tests, snapshot snapshots, and seed seeds
runRuns the models in a project
debugDebugs dbt connections and projects
initInitializes a new dbt project
compileCompiles (but does not run) the models in a project
testExecutes tests defined in a project
depsDownloads dependencies for a project
snapshotExecutes 'snapshot' jobs defined in a project
cleanDeletes artifacts present in the dbt project
seedLoads CSV files into the database
docsGenerates documentation for a project
sourceProvides tools for working with source data (including validating that sources are 'fresh')
run-operationRuns arbitrary maintenance SQL against the database
rpcRuns an RPC server that clients can submit queries to
ls, listLists resources defined in a dbt project
parseParse dbt project and write detailed timing information


--versionCurrently installed version
-r, --record-timing-info <file name>Create a new file to record timing info
-d, --debugRedirect debug logs to standard out
--log-format <log format>Specify how dbt's logs should be formatted
--no-write-jsonPrevent dbt from writing JSOn artifacts to the 'target/' directory
-S, --strictPerform extra validation of dbt objects and internal consistency checks during compilation. Use only during development
--warn-errorConvert dbt warnings into errors
--partial-parseConfigure partial parsing for your project
--no-partial-parseTurn off partial parsing for your project
--use-colorsDefault value -- colorize run logs
--no-use-colorsDisable log colorizing