datree test <file path>

Trigger a policy check, provide a Kubernetes configuration file path or a glob pattern


file pathfilepaths


--help, -hHelp for 'test'
--ignore-missing-schemasIgnore missing schemas when executing schema validation step
--no-recordDo not send policy checks metadata to the backend
--only-k8s-filesEvaluate only valid yaml files with the properties 'apiVersion' and 'kind'. Ignore everything else
-o, --output <output>Define output format (simple, yaml, json, xml, JUnit)
-p, --policy <policy>Policy name to run against
--policy-config <arg>Path for local policies configuration file
--schema-location <stringArray>Override schemas location search path (can be specified multiple times)
-s, --schema-versionSet kubernetes version to validate against. Defaults to 1.19.0
--verboseDisplay 'How to Fix' link