Content Stack CLI


loginThe auth:login command lets you log in to Contentstack and save the session
auth:tokens:addLets you add an existing management token from your Contentstack account and save it to the session for further use
auth:tokens:removeThe auth:tokens:remove command lets you delete a management/ delivery token from your local CLI session
cm:bootstrapThe 'Bootstrap' plugin in Contentstack CLI allows users to automate the process of project setup for starter apps
auth:tokensThe auth:tokens command lists the existing tokens added to the session
config:get:regionThe config:get:region command will return the name of the region on which you are performing actions in Contentstack, via the CLI
config:set:regionThe config:set:region command lets you select a region, from the available Contentstack regions, to perform actions using the CLI
cm:stacks:exportThe cm:stacks:export command lets you export content from one stack to another
logoutThe auth:logout command lets you log out of Contentstack and clear the session
whoamiThe csdx auth:whoami command returns the username (email address) of the user who is currently logged in to the session


--help, -h
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