croc <secret-code>

Croc is a tool that allows any two computers to simply and securely transfer files and folders


secret-codeReceive a file using code


sendSend file(s), or folder
relayStart your own relay
help, hShows a list of commands or help for one command


--help, -h
  • Persistent ⚖
--internal-dnsUse a built-in DNS stub resolver rather than the host operating system
--rememberSave these settings to reuse next time
--debugToggle debug mode
--yesAutomatically agree to all prompts
--stdoutRedirect file to stdout
--no-compressDisable compression
--askMake sure sender and recipient are prompted
--localForce to use only local connections
--ignore-stdinIgnore piped stdin
--overwriteDo not prompt to overwrite
--curve <value>Choose an encryption curve
--ip <value>Set sender ip if known
--relay <ipv4 address>Address of the relay
--relay6 <ipv6 address>Ipv6 address of the relay
--out <output folder>Specify an output folder to receive the file
--pass <password>Password for the relay (default: "pass123")
--socks5 <value>Add a socks5 proxy
--throttleUpload <value>Throttle the upload speed e.g. 500k
--version, -vPrint the version