cp <source...> <target>

Copy files and directories


sourcefilepaths, folders
targetfilepaths, folders


-aPreserves structure and attributes of files but not directory structure
-fIf the destination file cannot be opened, remove it and create a new file, without prompting for confirmation
-HIf the -R option is specified, symbolic links on the command line are followed
-iCause cp to write a prompt to the standard error output before copying a file that would overwrite an existing file
-LIf the -R option is specified, all symbolic links are followed
-nDo not overwrite an existing file
-PIf the -R option is specified, no symbolic links are followed
-RIf source designates a directory, cp copies the directory and the entire subtree connected at that point. If source ends in a /, the contents of the directory are copied rather than the directory itself
-vCause cp to be verbose, showing files as they are copied
-XDo not copy Extended Attributes (EAs) or resource forks
-cCopy files using clonefile