Coda Local development CLI tool. It comes bundled with the Pack SDK and makes it easy to build and manage Packs from the CLI


initInitialize an empty project with the recommended settings and dependencies
executeExecute the formula and print the output to the terminal
authSet up authentication in your development environment so that you can execute Pack formulas with authentication applied to them
registerCreate a new API token or register an existing one to be used with future commands
createCreate a new Pack on Coda’s servers and get assigned a Pack ID. Run this command just once for each Pack you create
uploadUse this command to upload a new version of your Pack based on your latest code
releaseRelease a Pack version and make it live for your users
cloneMigrate the development of a Pack from the Pack Studio to a new local CLI Pack development
linkLink the development of a Pack from the Pack studio to an existing local CLI Pack development
whoamiLooks up information about the API token that is registered in this environment
buildGenerate a bundle for your Pack
validateValidate your Pack definition
setOptionSet a persistent build option for the Pack. This will be used for all builds of the Pack


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