cloudflared tunnel list

Cloudflared tunnel list will display all active tunnels, their created time and associated connections


--config <value>Specifies a config file in YAML format. (default: "/usr/local/etc/cloudflared/config.yml")
--origincert <value>Path to the certificate generated for your origin when you run cloudflared login. [$TUNNEL_ORIGIN_CERT]
--autoupdate-freq <value>Autoupdate frequency. Default is 24h0m0s. (default: 24h0m0s)
--no-autoupdateDisable periodic check for updates, restarting the server with the new version. (default: false) [$NO_AUTOUPDATE]
--metrics <value>Listen address for metrics reporting. (default: "localhost:") [$TUNNEL_METRICS]
--pidfile <value>Write the application's PID to this file after first successful connection. [$TUNNEL_PIDFILE]
--loglevel <value>Application logging level { value: debug, info, warn, error, fatal}. At debug level cloudflared will log request URL, method, protocol, content length, as well as, all request and response headers. This can expose sensitive information in your logs. (default: "info") [$TUNNEL_LOGLEVEL]
--transport-loglevel, --proto-loglevel <value>Transport logging level(previously called protocol logging level) { value: debug, info, warn, error, fatal} (default: "info") [$TUNNEL_PROTO_LOGLEVEL, $TUNNEL_TRANSPORT_LOGLEVEL]
--logfile <value>Save application log to this file for reporting issues. [$TUNNEL_LOGFILE]
--log-directory <value>Save application log to this directory for reporting issues. [$TUNNEL_LOGDIRECTORY]
--trace-output <value>Name of trace output file, generated when cloudflared stops. [$TUNNEL_TRACE_OUTPUT]
--output, -o <FORMAT>Render output using given FORMAT. Valid options are 'json' or 'yaml'
--show-deleted, -dInclude deleted tunnels in the list (default: false)
--name, -n <NAME>List tunnels with the given NAME
--name-prefix, --np <NAME>List tunnels that start with the give NAME prefix
--exclude-name-prefix, --enp <NAME>List tunnels whose NAME does not start with the given prefix
--when, -w <TIME>List tunnels that are active at the given TIME in RFC3339 format (default: current time, 2022-04-07T20:03:58+01:00)
--id, -i <ID>List tunnel by ID
--show-recently-disconnected, --rdInclude connections that have recently disconnected in the list (default: false)
--sort-by <value>Sorts the list of tunnels by the given field. Valid options are { value: name, id, createdAt, deletedAt, numConnections} (default: "name") [$TUNNEL_LIST_SORT_BY]
--invert-sortInverts the sort order of the tunnel list. (default: false) [$TUNNEL_LIST_INVERT_SORT]