Use the Clojure tools to run Clojure programs on the JVM, start a REPL, or invoke a specific function with data


-AUse concatenated aliases to modify classpath
-X [a/fn] [kvs...] [kv-map]
-T [a/fn] [kvs...] [kv-map]Invoke tool by name or via aliases ala -X
-M [args...]Use concatenated aliases to modify classpath or supply main opts
-PPrepare deps - download libs, cache classpath, but don't exec
-JPass opt through in java_opts
-Sdeps <edn>Pass the deps data on the command line
-SpathCompute classpath and echo to stdout only
-Scp <cp>Use specified classpath instead of cached or computed one
-SdescribePrint environment and command parsing information as data
-SforceIgnore classpath cache and force recomputation
-SpomGenerate (or update) pom.xml with deps and paths
-SreproIgnore the ~/.clojure/deps.edn config file
-SthreadsSet the number of threads to use when downloading dependencies
-StraceWrite a trace.edn file that traces deps expansion
-StreePrint dependency tree
-SverbosePrint all path locations
-version, --versionPrint the Clojure CLI version
-i, --init <path>Load a file or resource
-e, --eval <string>Evaluate expressions in string; print non-nil values
--report <target>Report uncaught exceptions
-m, --main <ns-name> <args...>Call the -main function from a namespace with args
-r, --replRun a REPL
-h, -?, --helpShow help for clojure