Ruby Dependency Management


installInstall the gems specified by the Gemfile or Gemfile.lock
updateUpdate dependencies to their latest versions
packagePackage the .gem files required by your application into the vendor/cache directory
execExecute a command in the context of the bundle
addAdd gem to the Gemfile and run bundle install
binstubsInstall the binstubs of the listed gems
checkDetermine whether the requirements for your application are installed and available to Bundler
showShow the source location of a particular gem in the bundle
outdatedShow all of the outdated gems in the current bundle
consoleStart an IRB session in the current bundle
openOpen an installed gem in the editor
lockGenerate a lockfile for your dependencies
vizGenerate a visual representation of your dependencies
initGenerate a simple Gemfile, placed in the current directory
gemCreate a simple gem, suitable for development with Bundler
platformDisplay platform compatibility information
cleanClean up unused gems in your Bundler directory
doctorDisplay warnings about common problems


--no-colorPrint all output without color
--retry, -rSpecify the number of times you wish to attempt network commands
--verbose, -VPrint out additional logging information