Storybook build CLI tools


-o, --output-dir <directory>Directory where to store built files
-w, --watchEnables watch mode
--loglevel <level>Controls level of logging during build
--helpDisplay usage information
-V, --versionDisplay the version number
-s, --static-dir <directory>Directory where to load static files from, comma-separated list
-c, --config-dir <directory>Directory where to load Storybook configurations from
--httpsServe Storybook over HTTPS. Note: You must provide your own certificate information
--ssl-ca <certificate authority>Provide an SSL certificate authority. (Optional with --https, required if using a self-signed certificate)
--ssl-cert <certificate>Provide an SSL certificate. (Required with --https)
--ssl-key <key>Provide an SSL key. (Required with --https)
--smoke-testExit after successful start
--ciCI mode (skip interactive prompts, don't open browser)
--quietSuppress verbose build output
--no-dllDo not use dll reference (no-op)
--debug-webpackDisplay final webpack configurations for debugging purposes
--webpack-stats-json <directory>Write Webpack Stats JSON to disk
--docsStarts Storybook in documentation mode
--no-manager-cacheDisables Storybook's manager caching mechanism. NOTE: this flag disables the internal caching of Storybook and can severely impact your Storybook loading time, so only use it when you need to refresh Storybook's UI, such as when editing themes