Bosh cli to managed your bosh deployment


add-blobAdd blob
unignoreUnignore an instance
update-cloud-configUpdate current cloud config
update-configUpdate config
update-cpi-configUpdate current CPI config
update-resurrectionEnable/disable resurrection
update-runtime-configUpdate current runtime config
upload-blobsUpload blobs
upload-releaseUpload release
upload-stemcellUpload stemcell
variablesList variables
vendor-packageVendor package
vmsList all VMs in all deployments
orphan-diskOrphan disk
networksList networks
manifestShow deployment manifest
tasksList running or recent tasks
taskShow task status and start tracking its output
take-snapshotTake snapshot
sync-blobsSync blobs
stop-envStop BOSH environment
stopStop instance(s)
stemcellsList stemcells
start-envStart BOSH environment
startStart instance(s)
sshSSH into instance(s)
snapshotsList snapshots
sha2ify-releaseConvert release tarball to use SHA256
sha1ify-releaseConvert release tarball to use SHA1
runtime-configShow current runtime config
run-errandRun errand
restartRestart instance(s)
reset-releaseReset release
repack-stemcellRepack stemcell
remove-blobRemove blob
releasesList releases
recreateRecreate instance(s)
orphaned-vmsList all the orphaned VMs in all deployments
scpSCP to/from instance(s)
helpShow this help message
ignoreIgnore an instance
init-releaseInitialize release
inspect-local-releaseDisplay information from release metadata
inspect-local-stemcellDisplay information from stemcell metadata
inspect-releaseList release contents such as jobs
instancesList all instances in a deployment
interpolateInterpolates variables into a manifest
locksList current locks
log-outLog out
logsFetch logs from instance(s)
deploymentShow deployment information
deploymentsList deployments
diff-configDiff two configs by ID or content
disksList disks
environmentShow environment
environmentsList environments
errandsList errands
eventShow event details
eventsList events
export-releaseExport the compiled release to a tarball
finalize-releaseCreate final release from dev release tarball
generate-jobGenerate job
generate-packageGenerate package
create-releaseCreate release
curlMake an HTTP request to the Director
delete-configDelete config
delete-deploymentDelete deployment
delete-diskDelete disk
delete-envDelete BOSH environment
delete-networkDelete network
delete-releaseDelete release
delete-snapshotDelete snapshot
delete-snapshotsDelete all snapshots in a deployment
delete-stemcellDelete stemcell
delete-vmDelete VM
deployUpdate deployment
alias-envAlias environment to save URL and CA certificate
attach-diskAttach disk to an instance
blobsList blobs
cancel-taskCancel task at its next checkpoint
cancel-tasksCancel tasks at their next checkpoints
clean-upClean up old unused resources except orphaned disks
cloud-checkCloud consistency check and interactive repair
cloud-configShow current cloud config
configShow current config for either ID or both type and name
configsList configs
cpi-configShow current CPI config
create-envCreate or update BOSH environment


--versionShow CLI version
--config <PATH>Config file path (default: ~/.bosh/config)
-e, --environment <name>Director environment name or URL
--ca-cert <PATH>Director CA certificate path or value
--sha2Use SHA256 checksums
--parallel <amount>The max number of parallel operations (default: 5)
--client <name>Override username or UAA client [$BOSH_CLIENT]
--client-secret <secret>Override password or UAA client secret [$BOSH_CLIENT_SECRET]
--deployment <arg>Deployment name [$BOSH_DEPLOYMENT]
--column <name...>Filter to show only given column(s)
--jsonOutput as JSON
--ttyForce TTY-like output
--no-colorToggle colorized output
-n, --non-interactiveDon't ask for user input [$BOSH_NON_INTERACTIVE]