bat <filepaths...>

A cat(1) clone with syntax highlighting and Git integration




-A, --show-allShow non-printable characters
-p, --plainShow plain style, no decorations
-l, --language <<language>>Explicitly set the language for syntax highlighting
-H, --highlight-line <<N:M> >Highlight the specified line ranges
--file-name <arg...>Specify the name to display for a file. Useful when piping data to bat from STDIN when bat does not otherwise know the filename
-d, --diffShow lines that have been added/removed/modified with respect to the Git index
--diff-context <<N> >Include N lines of context around added/removed/modified lines when using '--diff'
--tabs <<T> >Set the tab width to T spaces. Use a width of 0 to pass tabs through directly
--wrap <<mode>>Specify when to use colored output
--terminal-width <<width> >Explicitly set the width of the terminal instead of determining it automatically
-n, --numberShow line numbers, no other decorations
--color <<when>>Specify when to use colored output
--italic-text <<when>>Specify when to use ANSI sequences for italic text in the output
--decorations <<when>>Specify when to use the decorations that have been specified via '--style'
-f, --force-colorizationAlias for '--decorations=always --color=always'
--paging <<when>>Specify when to use the pager
--pager <<command>>Determine which pager is used
-m, --map-syntax <<glob:syntax>>Map a glob pattern to an existing syntax name
--ignored-suffix <<ignored-suffix>>Ignore extension
--theme <<theme>>Set the theme for syntax highlighting
--list-themesDisplay a list of supported themes for syntax highlighting
--styleDisplay a list of supported themes for syntax highlighting
-r, --line-range <<N:M> >Only print the specified range of lines for each file
-L, --list-languagesDisplay a list of supported languages for syntax highlighting
-u, --unbufferedMake output unbuffered (exists for POSIX-compliance reasons and is simply ignored)
--diagnosticShow diagnostic information for bug reports
--acknowledgementsShow acknowledgements
-h, --helpPrint help message
-V, --versionShow version information