basenc <FILE>

Encode/decode data and print to standard output


FILEFile(s) to encode/decode


--help, -hDisplay this help and exit
--base64Same as 'base64' program (RFC4648 section 4)
--base64urlFile- and url-safe base64 (RFC4648 section 5)
--base32Same as 'base32' program (RFC4648 section 6)
--base32hexExtended hex alphabet base32 (RFC4648 section 7)
--base16Hex encoding (RFC4648 section 8)
--base2msbfBit string with most significant bit (msb) first
--base2lsbfBit string with least significant bit (lsb) first
--decode, -dDecode data
--ignore-garbage, -iWhen decoding, ignore non-alphabet characters
--wrap, -w <COLS>Wrap encoded lines after COLS character (default 76). Use 0 to disable line wrapping
--z85Ascii85-like encoding (ZeroMQ spec:32/Z85); when encoding, input length must be a multiple of 4; when decoding, input length must be a multiple of 5
--versionOutput version information and exit