aws worklink

Amazon WorkLink is a cloud-based service that provides secure access to internal websites and web apps from iOS and Android phones. In a single step, your users, such as employees, can access internal websites as efficiently as they access any other public website. They enter a URL in their web browser, or choose a link to an internal website in an email. Amazon WorkLink authenticates the user's access and securely renders authorized internal web content in a secure rendering service in the AWS cloud. Amazon WorkLink doesn't download or store any internal web content on mobile devices


associate-domainSpecifies a domain to be associated to Amazon WorkLink
associate-website-authorization-providerAssociates a website authorization provider with a specified fleet. This is used to authorize users against associated websites in the company network
associate-website-certificate-authorityImports the root certificate of a certificate authority (CA) used to obtain TLS certificates used by associated websites within the company network
create-fleetCreates a fleet. A fleet consists of resources and the configuration that delivers associated websites to authorized users who download and set up the Amazon WorkLink app
delete-fleetDeletes a fleet. Prevents users from accessing previously associated websites
describe-audit-stream-configurationDescribes the configuration for delivering audit streams to the customer account
describe-company-network-configurationDescribes the networking configuration to access the internal websites associated with the specified fleet
describe-deviceProvides information about a user's device
describe-device-policy-configurationDescribes the device policy configuration for the specified fleet
describe-domainProvides information about the domain
describe-fleet-metadataProvides basic information for the specified fleet, excluding identity provider, networking, and device configuration details
describe-identity-provider-configurationDescribes the identity provider configuration of the specified fleet
describe-website-certificate-authorityProvides information about the certificate authority
disassociate-domainDisassociates a domain from Amazon WorkLink. End users lose the ability to access the domain with Amazon WorkLink
disassociate-website-authorization-providerDisassociates a website authorization provider from a specified fleet. After the disassociation, users can't load any associated websites that require this authorization provider
disassociate-website-certificate-authorityRemoves a certificate authority (CA)
list-devicesRetrieves a list of devices registered with the specified fleet
list-domainsRetrieves a list of domains associated to a specified fleet
list-fleetsRetrieves a list of fleets for the current account and Region
list-tags-for-resourceRetrieves a list of tags for the specified resource
list-website-authorization-providersRetrieves a list of website authorization providers associated with a specified fleet
list-website-certificate-authoritiesRetrieves a list of certificate authorities added for the current account and Region
restore-domain-accessMoves a domain to ACTIVE status if it was in the INACTIVE status
revoke-domain-accessMoves a domain to INACTIVE status if it was in the ACTIVE status
sign-out-userSigns the user out from all of their devices. The user can sign in again if they have valid credentials
tag-resourceAdds or overwrites one or more tags for the specified resource, such as a fleet. Each tag consists of a key and an optional value. If a resource already has a tag with the same key, this operation updates its value
untag-resourceRemoves one or more tags from the specified resource
update-audit-stream-configurationUpdates the audit stream configuration for the fleet
update-company-network-configurationUpdates the company network configuration for the fleet
update-device-policy-configurationUpdates the device policy configuration for the fleet
update-domain-metadataUpdates domain metadata, such as DisplayName
update-fleet-metadataUpdates fleet metadata, such as DisplayName
update-identity-provider-configurationUpdates the identity provider configuration for the fleet