aws snowball create-return-shipping-label

Creates a shipping label that will be used to return the Snow device to AWS


--job-id <string>The ID for a job that you want to create the return shipping label for. For example JID123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000
--shipping-option <string>The shipping speed for a particular job. This speed doesn't dictate how soon the device is returned to AWS. This speed represents how quickly it moves to its destination while in transit. Regional shipping speeds are as follows:
--cli-input-json <string>Performs service operation based on the JSON string provided. The JSON string follows the format provided by ``--generate-cli-skeleton``. If other arguments are provided on the command line, the CLI values will override the JSON-provided values. It is not possible to pass arbitrary binary values using a JSON-provided value as the string will be taken literally
--generate-cli-skeleton <string>Prints a JSON skeleton to standard output without sending an API request. If provided with no value or the value ``input``, prints a sample input JSON that can be used as an argument for ``--cli-input-json``. If provided with the value ``output``, it validates the command inputs and returns a sample output JSON for that command