aws sms-voice

Pinpoint SMS and Voice Messaging public facing APIs


create-configuration-setCreate a new configuration set. After you create the configuration set, you can add one or more event destinations to it
create-configuration-set-event-destinationCreate a new event destination in a configuration set
delete-configuration-setDeletes an existing configuration set
delete-configuration-set-event-destinationDeletes an event destination in a configuration set
get-configuration-set-event-destinationsObtain information about an event destination, including the types of events it reports, the Amazon Resource Name (ARN) of the destination, and the name of the event destination
list-configuration-setsList all of the configuration sets associated with your Amazon Pinpoint account in the current region
send-voice-messageCreate a new voice message and send it to a recipient's phone number
update-configuration-set-event-destinationUpdate an event destination in a configuration set. An event destination is a location that you publish information about your voice calls to. For example, you can log an event to an Amazon CloudWatch destination when a call fails