aws schemas

Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry


create-discovererCreates a discoverer
create-registryCreates a registry
create-schemaCreates a schema definition. Inactive schemas will be deleted after two years
delete-discovererDeletes a discoverer
delete-registryDeletes a Registry
delete-resource-policyDelete the resource-based policy attached to the specified registry
delete-schemaDelete a schema definition
delete-schema-versionDelete the schema version definition
describe-code-bindingDescribe the code binding URI
describe-discovererDescribes the discoverer
describe-registryDescribes the registry
describe-schemaRetrieve the schema definition
get-code-binding-sourceGet the code binding source URI
get-discovered-schemaGet the discovered schema that was generated based on sampled events
get-resource-policyRetrieves the resource-based policy attached to a given registry
list-discoverersList the discoverers
list-registriesList the registries
list-schema-versionsProvides a list of the schema versions and related information
list-schemasList the schemas
list-tags-for-resourceGet tags for resource
put-code-bindingPut code binding URI
put-resource-policyThe name of the policy
search-schemasSearch the schemas
start-discovererStarts the discoverer
stop-discovererStops the discoverer
tag-resourceAdd tags to a resource
untag-resourceRemoves tags from a resource
update-discovererUpdates the discoverer
update-registryUpdates a registry
update-schemaUpdates the schema definition Inactive schemas will be deleted after two years
waitWait until a particular condition is satisfied. Each subcommand polls an API until the listed requirement is met