aws robomaker

This section provides documentation for the AWS RoboMaker API operations


batch-delete-worldsDeletes one or more worlds in a batch operation
batch-describe-simulation-jobDescribes one or more simulation jobs
cancel-deployment-jobCancels the specified deployment job
cancel-simulation-jobCancels the specified simulation job
cancel-simulation-job-batchCancels a simulation job batch. When you cancel a simulation job batch, you are also cancelling all of the active simulation jobs created as part of the batch
cancel-world-export-jobCancels the specified export job
cancel-world-generation-jobCancels the specified world generator job
create-deployment-jobDeploys a specific version of a robot application to robots in a fleet. The robot application must have a numbered applicationVersion for consistency reasons. To create a new version, use CreateRobotApplicationVersion or see Creating a Robot Application Version. After 90 days, deployment jobs expire and will be deleted. They will no longer be accessible
create-fleetCreates a fleet, a logical group of robots running the same robot application
create-robotCreates a robot
create-robot-applicationCreates a robot application
create-robot-application-versionCreates a version of a robot application
create-simulation-applicationCreates a simulation application
create-simulation-application-versionCreates a simulation application with a specific revision id
create-simulation-jobCreates a simulation job. After 90 days, simulation jobs expire and will be deleted. They will no longer be accessible
create-world-export-jobCreates a world export job
create-world-generation-jobCreates worlds using the specified template
create-world-templateCreates a world template
delete-fleetDeletes a fleet
delete-robotDeletes a robot
delete-robot-applicationDeletes a robot application
delete-simulation-applicationDeletes a simulation application
delete-world-templateDeletes a world template
deregister-robotDeregisters a robot
describe-deployment-jobDescribes a deployment job
describe-fleetDescribes a fleet
describe-robotDescribes a robot
describe-robot-applicationDescribes a robot application
describe-simulation-applicationDescribes a simulation application
describe-simulation-jobDescribes a simulation job
describe-simulation-job-batchDescribes a simulation job batch
describe-worldDescribes a world
describe-world-export-jobDescribes a world export job
describe-world-generation-jobDescribes a world generation job
describe-world-templateDescribes a world template
get-world-template-bodyGets the world template body
list-deployment-jobsReturns a list of deployment jobs for a fleet. You can optionally provide filters to retrieve specific deployment jobs
list-fleetsReturns a list of fleets. You can optionally provide filters to retrieve specific fleets
list-robot-applicationsReturns a list of robot application. You can optionally provide filters to retrieve specific robot applications
list-robotsReturns a list of robots. You can optionally provide filters to retrieve specific robots
list-simulation-applicationsReturns a list of simulation applications. You can optionally provide filters to retrieve specific simulation applications
list-simulation-job-batchesReturns a list simulation job batches. You can optionally provide filters to retrieve specific simulation batch jobs
list-simulation-jobsReturns a list of simulation jobs. You can optionally provide filters to retrieve specific simulation jobs
list-tags-for-resourceLists all tags on a AWS RoboMaker resource
list-world-export-jobsLists world export jobs
list-world-generation-jobsLists world generator jobs
list-world-templatesLists world templates
list-worldsLists worlds
register-robotRegisters a robot with a fleet
restart-simulation-jobRestarts a running simulation job
start-simulation-job-batchStarts a new simulation job batch. The batch is defined using one or more SimulationJobRequest objects
sync-deployment-jobSyncrhonizes robots in a fleet to the latest deployment. This is helpful if robots were added after a deployment
tag-resourceAdds or edits tags for a AWS RoboMaker resource. Each tag consists of a tag key and a tag value. Tag keys and tag values are both required, but tag values can be empty strings. For information about the rules that apply to tag keys and tag values, see User-Defined Tag Restrictions in the AWS Billing and Cost Management User Guide
untag-resourceRemoves the specified tags from the specified AWS RoboMaker resource. To remove a tag, specify the tag key. To change the tag value of an existing tag key, use TagResource
update-robot-applicationUpdates a robot application
update-simulation-applicationUpdates a simulation application
update-world-templateUpdates a world template