aws ram

Use AWS Resource Access Manager to share AWS resources between AWS accounts. To share a resource, you create a resource share, associate the resource with the resource share, and specify the principals that can access the resources associated with the resource share. The following principals are supported: AWS accounts, organizational units (OU) from AWS Organizations, and organizations from AWS Organizations. For more information, see the AWS Resource Access Manager User Guide


accept-resource-share-invitationAccepts an invitation to a resource share from another AWS account
associate-resource-shareAssociates the specified resource share with the specified principals and resources
associate-resource-share-permissionAssociates a permission with a resource share
create-resource-shareCreates a resource share
delete-resource-shareDeletes the specified resource share
disassociate-resource-shareDisassociates the specified principals or resources from the specified resource share
disassociate-resource-share-permissionDisassociates an AWS RAM permission from a resource share
enable-sharing-with-aws-organizationEnables resource sharing within your AWS Organization. The caller must be the master account for the AWS Organization
get-permissionGets the contents of an AWS RAM permission in JSON format
get-resource-policiesGets the policies for the specified resources that you own and have shared
get-resource-share-associationsGets the resources or principals for the resource shares that you own
get-resource-share-invitationsGets the invitations for resource sharing that you've received
get-resource-sharesGets the resource shares that you own or the resource shares that are shared with you
list-pending-invitation-resourcesLists the resources in a resource share that is shared with you but that the invitation is still pending for
list-permissionsLists the AWS RAM permissions
list-principalsLists the principals that you have shared resources with or that have shared resources with you
list-resource-share-permissionsLists the AWS RAM permissions that are associated with a resource share
list-resource-typesLists the shareable resource types supported by AWS RAM
list-resourcesLists the resources that you added to a resource shares or the resources that are shared with you
promote-resource-share-created-from-policyResource shares that were created by attaching a policy to a resource are visible only to the resource share owner, and the resource share cannot be modified in AWS RAM. Use this API action to promote the resource share. When you promote the resource share, it becomes: Visible to all principals that it is shared with. Modifiable in AWS RAM
reject-resource-share-invitationRejects an invitation to a resource share from another AWS account
tag-resourceAdds the specified tags to the specified resource share that you own
untag-resourceRemoves the specified tags from the specified resource share that you own
update-resource-shareUpdates the specified resource share that you own