aws outposts

AWS Outposts is a fully managed service that extends AWS infrastructure, APIs, and tools to customer premises. By providing local access to AWS managed infrastructure, AWS Outposts enables customers to build and run applications on premises using the same programming interfaces as in AWS Regions, while using local compute and storage resources for lower latency and local data processing needs


create-outpostCreates an Outpost
delete-outpostDeletes the Outpost
delete-siteDeletes the site
get-outpostGets information about the specified Outpost
get-outpost-instance-typesLists the instance types for the specified Outpost
list-outpostsList the Outposts for your AWS account
list-sitesLists the sites for the specified AWS account
list-tags-for-resourceLists the tags for the specified resource
tag-resourceAdds tags to the specified resource
untag-resourceRemoves tags from the specified resource