aws mediapackage

AWS Elemental MediaPackage


configure-logsChanges the Channel's properties to configure log subscription
create-channelCreates a new Channel
create-harvest-jobCreates a new HarvestJob record
create-origin-endpointCreates a new OriginEndpoint record
delete-channelDeletes an existing Channel
delete-origin-endpointDeletes an existing OriginEndpoint
describe-channelGets details about a Channel
describe-harvest-jobGets details about an existing HarvestJob
describe-origin-endpointGets details about an existing OriginEndpoint
list-channelsReturns a collection of Channels
list-harvest-jobsReturns a collection of HarvestJob records
list-origin-endpointsReturns a collection of OriginEndpoint records
rotate-channel-credentialsChanges the Channel's first IngestEndpoint's username and password. WARNING - This API is deprecated. Please use RotateIngestEndpointCredentials instead
rotate-ingest-endpoint-credentialsRotate the IngestEndpoint's username and password, as specified by the IngestEndpoint's id
update-channelUpdates an existing Channel
update-origin-endpointUpdates an existing OriginEndpoint