aws medialive

API for AWS Elemental MediaLive


accept-input-device-transferAccept an incoming input device transfer. The ownership of the device will transfer to your AWS account
batch-deleteStarts delete of resources
batch-startStarts existing resources
batch-stopStops running resources
batch-update-scheduleUpdate a channel schedule
cancel-input-device-transferCancel an input device transfer that you have requested
create-channelCreates a new channel
create-inputCreate an input
create-input-security-groupCreates a Input Security Group
create-multiplexCreate a new multiplex
create-multiplex-programCreate a new program in the multiplex
create-partner-inputCreate a partner input
create-tagsCreate tags for a resource
delete-channelStarts deletion of channel. The associated outputs are also deleted
delete-inputDeletes the input end point
delete-input-security-groupDeletes an Input Security Group
delete-multiplexDelete a multiplex. The multiplex must be idle
delete-multiplex-programDelete a program from a multiplex
delete-reservationDelete an expired reservation
delete-scheduleDelete all schedule actions on a channel
delete-tagsRemoves tags for a resource
describe-channelGets details about a channel
describe-inputProduces details about an input
describe-input-deviceGets the details for the input device
describe-input-device-thumbnailGet the latest thumbnail data for the input device
describe-input-security-groupProduces a summary of an Input Security Group
describe-multiplexGets details about a multiplex
describe-multiplex-programGet the details for a program in a multiplex
describe-offeringGet details for an offering
describe-reservationGet details for a reservation
describe-scheduleGet a channel schedule
list-channelsProduces list of channels that have been created
list-input-device-transfersList input devices that are currently being transferred. List input devices that you are transferring from your AWS account or input devices that another AWS account is transferring to you
list-input-devicesList input devices
list-input-security-groupsProduces a list of Input Security Groups for an account
list-inputsProduces list of inputs that have been created
list-multiplex-programsList the programs that currently exist for a specific multiplex
list-multiplexesRetrieve a list of the existing multiplexes
list-offeringsList offerings available for purchase
list-reservationsList purchased reservations
list-tags-for-resourceProduces list of tags that have been created for a resource
purchase-offeringPurchase an offering and create a reservation
reject-input-device-transferReject the transfer of the specified input device to your AWS account
start-channelStarts an existing channel
start-multiplexStart (run) the multiplex. Starting the multiplex does not start the channels. You must explicitly start each channel
stop-channelStops a running channel
stop-multiplexStops a running multiplex. If the multiplex isn't running, this action has no effect
transfer-input-deviceStart an input device transfer to another AWS account. After you make the request, the other account must accept or reject the transfer
update-channelUpdates a channel
update-channel-classChanges the class of the channel
update-inputUpdates an input
update-input-deviceUpdates the parameters for the input device
update-input-security-groupUpdate an Input Security Group's Whilelists
update-multiplexUpdates a multiplex
update-multiplex-programUpdate a program in a multiplex
update-reservationUpdate reservation
waitWait until a particular condition is satisfied. Each subcommand polls an API until the listed requirement is met